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United States

Congressman Tom McClintock

State of California
State Assemblyman Heath Flora

Former State Senator Anthony Cannella

Stanislaus County
Lee Lundrigan, Former Stanislaus County Clerk

Stan Risen, Former CEO of Stan County
District Attorney Birgit Fladiger
Former Stanislaus County Sheriff Les Widman

Stanislaus County Sheriff Jeff Dirkse
Supervisor Terry Withrow
Supervisor Buck Condit
Supervisor Mani Grewal
Supervisor Vito Chiesa
Former Stanislaus County Supervisor Ray Simon

Former Stanislaus County Supervisor Bill Mattos


Modesto City Council Members

Jenny Kenoyer 5
Bill Zoslocki 4
Rosa Escutia Braaton 1

David Wright 6

Former Modesto City Council Members

Brad Hawn
Kristi Ah You

Doug Ridenour Sr.
Jim Ridenour, Former Mayor of Modesto

Stanislaus County School Board
Scott Kuykendall Superintendent of Schools

Mary Ann Sanders
Chinyere (Chichi) Nnodim Jack
Tom Changnon Former Superintendent of Schools

Modesto School Board Cindy Marks
John Ervin III
Chad Brown

Adolfo Lopez

Stan County Fair Board Directors

Bill Matos
Angelica Anguiano
Ray Souza

Les & Linda Weidman

Jack Wilkey

John Arellano

Community Leaders
Tom Gallo, VP Marketing & Owner of Galletos Restaurant

Phil Trompetter, Criminal Psychologist
Chris Murphy, CEO of Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group Ryan Dziadosz, President and Principal
John Sanders, Grafitti Founder & Organizer
Youra Tarverdi, CEO of Seasons

Douglas Highiet
David Gianelli, Attorney
Bill Lyons, Farmer
Dale Butler, LCR Founder
Cecil Russell, Former CEO Modesto Chamber of Commerce
Armando Flores
Sabine Saso, Banker
Emil Mozaffari, Contractor
Tommy & Sterling Fountain, Community Volunteers** Daniel Diaz, Semiconductor

Larry Hughes
David Gonzales, Farmers Insurance Agent
Steven Parks
Kyle Barker, CEO Barker’s Music Inc.
Maggie Mejia, Retired
Joseph Parks, Real Estate Agent
Christopher Castro, Business Owner
Derik Dami, Realtor & C.A.R. Director
Robert Dunbar
Nicole Evans, Johansen Teacher
Joe Swain
Eric Tobias, F & N Bank & Past President of Modesto Chamber
Jose Orozco
Vanessa Parks
Allan Ramsay, Kiwanis
Adrenna Alkhas, Marketing Ops
Ga-Lhiel Dillard, Real Estate Agent
Stephen Mort, Owner of Don's Mobile Glass

Chris Tyler
Orlando Zavala, Business Owner
Ross Lee
David Halvorson
Pranesh Narayan, Owner and Operator of American Auto Depot

James Bucknell

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Sandra Lucas

Joel Campos, Associate Regional Planner

Cathy Mendoza

Dana Ferreira, Regional Analyst

Wayne, Zipser

Jerry Jackman

Eric Benson

Sean Ramsey

John Erro

Jeff Grover

Amy Gallo

Ben Balsbaugh

Anthony Cannella

Chad Brown

Mark Vasche, Retired Editor of The Modesto Bee

Andrew Mendlin

Larry Young, Businessman

Daren Williams

Antonio Diaz, Electrician

"I have known Jeremiah Williams for over 33 years. As a community servant, he is first-rate! His membership and leadership on boards, organizations, and committees are too numerous to mention. His passion and devotion for our city makes him the ideal bridge to unite multiple causes and stakeholders when issues arise. With all this experience, he has the know-how to eliminate problems and provide solutions for our future!" 

Leo Aguilera
Retired High School AP English Teacher
Past CTA State Chair, Credentials and Professional Development Committee

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